Call for papers for the 2020 BIALL Conference in Harrogate

24 Sep 2019

A conference is announced: the BIALL Conference Committee is delighted to open the Call for Papers for #BIALL2020, which will take place in Harrogate from 11 – 13 June.

In the spirit of Agatha Christie (who famously re-surfaced in Harrogate after a mysterious disappearance), our conference theme this year is:

‘Bodies’ in the Library: sleuthing, plotting and making the case.

A ‘body’ can be any puzzle or issue you need to solve, whether it relates to managing resources, engaging users or finding an elegant solution to a baffling case. We’re interested in presentations covering topics such as:

• Sleuthing: Tell us about your research triumphs, top tips, go-to technologies and your favourite tools and strategies to untangle a puzzle. We'd love you to share any research you've undertaken, or effective ways to navigate a tricky situation.

• Plotting: A successful sleuth rarely works alone; Poirot had Hastings (and Japp). We’d love to hear about your best practices in working with teams, engaging with users, collaborating with diverse groups and effective management techniques (whether of knowledge or people).

• Making the case: Have you ever wondered, why didn't they ask librarians? You’ve found a solution, but how do you dazzle your audience? How do you promote your role and services? We'd love to hear how you present complex information effectively, and how you marshal data to show your impact.

The full Call for Papers and the session proposal forms are now available on the BIALL website.

We invite proposals for plenary and parallel sessions, as well as 10 minute lightning talks which are a great way for inexperienced speakers to get involved. We welcome proposals from persons of diverse identities and professional backgrounds and on any topics broadly related to our theme. If you aren't sure about your proposal or haven't presented before and would like advice, or would like to consult with us before submitting, please do contact a member of the programme committee:

Julie Doran
Michael Maher
Susan McGlamery

Proposals should be submitted via the website no later than 4 October 2019. The Committee looks forward to receiving your submissions.

Renate Ní Uigín
BIALL President


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