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NZLLA sponsorship winners

Posted 04/07/2014

Two successful applicants to attend ALLA Conference

NZLLA sponsorship winners

Posted 3 July 2014

Representatives at ALLA Conference in Adelaide in September 2014

I am pleased to announce that the NZLLA National Executive selection panel have chosen two members to receive sponsorships to assist with the cost of attending the ALLA Conference this year:

Nikki Jacobsen and Kirsten McChesney.

The NZLLA is well represented at overseas events this year, as Louise Bailey has recently attended the BIALL Conference in Harrogate and Stephanie Carr will be attending the AALL Annual Meeting in San Antonio later this month.

We will all have the opportunity to learn about these conferences later on, as the attendees will present reports on them.

Anne Paton

President, NZLLA

Phone +64 9 300 3833

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