Promoting and supporting legal information professionals in New Zealand

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Our Mission Statement & Goals


Mission statement


To promote law librarianship by providing a national and regional focus for information specialists working in the legal sector, by encouraging developments that will further improve the usefulness and efficiency of law libraries and by fostering a spirit of co-operation among members of the NZLLA.



  • To enhance the profession of law librarianship in New Zealand, particularly within the legal sector. 
  • To promote liaison and co-operation among law librarians at local, regional, national and international levels, and with other organisations. 
  • To provide opportunities for training professional development continuing education and networking for law librarians. 
  • To facilitate the sharing of resources by encouraging the planned development and enhancement of local, regional and national legal resources. 
  • To provide a national level group to negotiate with Government Parliament, legal publishers, database vendors and other providers of legal and business information.